Tuesday 21 July 2020

Subdomain Takeover using readthedocs

Hello World!

Not a fancy blog post, but I just discovered that subdomain takeover is possible for "readthedocs."

What is a subdomain takeover?
It is best explained here. https://github.com/EdOverflow/can-i-take-over-xyz

What is "readthedocs"?
Read the Docs is an open-sourced free software documentation hosting platform. It generates documentation written with the Sphinx documentation generator.

How do I check for subdomain takeover over?

Any subdomain pointing to "readthedocs" but not claimed would throw an error like in the screenshot below.

How to takeover?
1. Signup at https://readthedocs.org and click on Admin settings
2. Add the repository https://github.com/readthedocs/template.git or fork the repository if you wish to make any changes.
3. Add your repository at "Repository URL:"

4. Click on "Domains" in admin settings and add the domain.


P.S I wrote this blog because I didn't find it mentioned at https://github.com/EdOverflow/can-i-take-over-xyz