Need my service?

If you need any kind of penetration testing service, e-mail me at hi@shashank[.]co

I am a Security analyst and penetration tester with 8 years of experience in bug bounty and 5 years of experience managing bug bounty program and penetration testing. Listed in Google, Facebook, Apple, and 30+ website's hall of fame for reporting a valid security issue. Owns the following CVE CVE-2017-7063 CVE-2017-7062 CVE-2017-2458


Alexires said...

Thanks for looking at our website and finding some exploits (which we've now fixed)!

A great person, very informative, and very helpful.

Shashank said...

thanks a lot :)

Unknown said...

Hi can you test our vulnerabilities

techbots said...

Yes ..
But I need some help..